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Boot Cut Jeans to Capri Modification

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I had a pair of jeans that had just gone beyond the sweet spot. They had gotten to the point in their evolution where they’re soft and comfortable, but had begun to fall apart.

Rather than use them for rags, I decided to give them one last hurrah and hope the material lasts through the spring.

The button had fallen off, but that was an easy fix, but the more challenging fix was the bottom hem. I didn’t really need a pair of cut-offs… It’s warming up, but there’s a lot of time before it will be warm enough for shorts.

My solution was to cut the legs off at about mid-calf and roll a hem to make capris.

The technique was easy enough –

  1. Roll the hem twice to enclose the raw edge
  2. lace up the joint.

I used Perl Cotton left over from the Rose Window Beret and the technique is very similar to how you would lace up your shoes.

Find the middle of your thread and put needles on both ends. Again, the technique is so similar to lacing your shoes that I can’t think of another way to describe. Clicking on the image will give you a close up of the stitches for you to examine.

Now it’s time to go outside and see if I can’t get a little color on these winter white legs.


Written by Karlie

March 19th, 2010 at 7:41 am

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