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A few weeks ago, I received a response to a resume that had been floating around Monster.com for who knows how long.

Then, shortly after that incident I had a SCORE client tell me that he’d been keeping his resume up-to-date. It’s not that he feared loosing his job at any moment, but it sounded like it was more of a just-in-case sort of thing.

When the universe keeps telling me about Resumes, it’s probably time to get my ducks in a row. So yesterday, I completed one version of it and then for kicks I uploaded it to CareerBuiler.com and even found a very intriguing little company’s want-ad on Craig’s list and threw my hat in the ring.

Then this morning, the Universe, by way of my trusty StumbleUpon button, told me my cover letter could use some work. While I was thinking it was pretty good and not bad for being out of circulation so long, I see now that I should up my game if I write another one.

One major boo-boo I did know to avoid was the form letter, but that makes me wonder what HR departments are thinking of when they send one to me?

It seemed like moments after I got done reading about great cover letters I received a response to my resume at Career Builder. In it the recruiter said;

“I place qualified individuals in various franchises that fit within the realms of their previous work history and acquired talents ultimately training (and equipping) born entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to take the leap towards owning a business and taking control of their futures.”

With that I’m pretty sure I never even got a read. Because had she even browsed my Resume, she would have seen that I have already taken the leap and do, in fact, own a business.

Written by Karlie

March 26th, 2010 at 8:33 am

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