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10,000 Twitter Followers in 21 Days.

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This morning when the alarm when off, I knew I was in for an uphill battle because I wasn’t ready to be awake.  I’m a morning person and do some of my very best work before lunch.  When my morning is off to a rough start, there’s a high probability that the day won’t improve with age.  So rather than beat myself up about having a crappy day or purposely deciding to slack-off, I gave myself a tiny little goal of finding an article I read a while ago about successfully monitoring hundreds (or was it thousands) of people on Twitter.  That way I could look back and tell myself, “You didn’t waste the whole day.”

The good news is that I’ve accomplished more today than I had expected.  No, I didn’t find the article, but while I was looking, I came across a YouTube video suggesting there was a no-fail way of getting 10,000 Twitter followers in 3 weeks.

Now I’m not usually the type to trade my email address for a free anything, but since I was wasting my day anyhow, watching a screen cast with the possibility of learning something was better than saying it took me all day to re-read an article.

I even did one better by trying out the techniques for a little while and decided that maybe this would be a good test for my own brand of Mythbusting. Could I really get to 10k Twitter followers in 21 days?

A couple of caveats about my experiment-

  1. The image above was my attempt to set a base line so we could all see just how much growth I could squeeze out of the techniques, but, unfortunately, I didn’t think about getting the baseline until after I had already started following a few people and a few of those people started following me back.  In my defense, the numbers in either column are probably not off by more than 20.
  2. My kids are off from school all next week (Presidents day/Winter break) so I am already anticipating that my work schedule will be severely hampered.

So each day that I actively work the techniques, I’ll start off by recording the date, Followers, Following, Listed and Flushed so that there are solid numbers to go by.

Now if you’re wondering about “Flushed,” the process is about getting rid of anyone who’s not following you back so that you can keep following people.  I’m still a bit confused about how your follower/following ratio effects your ability to follow more people, but I’ll stick to the guidelines for now and if I find more information about the process down the line I’ll add it to a future update.

As long as we’re on the subject of updates, I plan on posting an update after every few days of active number hunting.  Active is the key word here.  I plan on running the experiment for 21 days, but with issues like those outlined in #2, above, those 21 days might not be consecutive, so don’t be alarmed if your calendar tells you it’s been more days than what I report.

My question for you is, what else might you want me to be tracking in this experiment?

Written by Karlie

February 16th, 2011 at 2:50 pm

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