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The Real Trick of Social Media

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One major pet peeve of mine is that technology is only a way to work smarter and not an excuse to toss everything we ever knew about business out the window.  To master these new mediums, first you need to understand that there is a traditional equivalent to all of our online activities and anything we put online should have similar value.  Social Media and Internet Marketing are no different.

The goal of any style of marketing has always been to engage with your potential customers.  When thinking about how to be effective with Social and New media I can safely say that the psychology of the process hasn’t change, just the tools.  For instance, if you dread cocktail parties and business mixers because you hate small talk, you probably won’t like being on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  If you excel at meeting new people at conferences and filling your pipeline as the result of networking, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble using those skills online.

When trying to create your own social media campaign, start with traditional ideas like being present.  Half the job of networking is making time to meet with people.  The advantage to online networking and messaging is that you don’t have to hire a baby sitter – you just have to make time in your day to be present online.

My suggestion is that if you’ve never used the internet or social sites to market your business take it slow and try just one form of communicating at a time.  Mastering it before you move on to another will save you lots of frustration and prevent you from making too many mistakes – like being too promotional or too personal.

While there are plenty of sites that can give you insider tips and tricks to being more effective, please don’t feel that you have to know some secret hand shake to be part of the process.  Take what you know and what has worked for you in the past and allow yourself to ease in.

Written by Karlie

February 8th, 2011 at 12:58 pm

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