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Garner Market Bag

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Wool is alright, I guess, but I love knitting with unusual things.  I’ve knit potholders with strips cut from old t-shirts, turned plastic grocery bags into plarn and the mason twine I had left-over from my rose project was just begging to be knit into something.

That something turned into a market bag because the nylon will stand up to major amounts of abuse, which is why masons, landscapers and construction workers can drag it all over their work sites.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, mason twine, isn’t something you’ll find at your local yarn store, but will find at your local hardware.  In this case, the twine I used came from my local Tractor Supply Co., but if you’re going to knit this bag you can find it at any building supply store.  It might be called mason twine, builders twine or go by another name, but whatever it’s called on the label,  you’re looking for 100% nylon, size/gauge 18 in a color that pleases you.

High visibility is an understatement for most of the available colors and the pink is  hellaciously bright. My solution was to tone it down a bit with black, so I picked up a spool of Red Heart Nylon Crochet Thread.  It’s even size 18, just like my hot-pink mason twine, though they aren’t quite the same. The twine is just a bit thicker, braided and less prone to splitting than the twisted Red Heart.  Though this isn’t a problem for this bag and the contrasting color and texture give it life.

To Knit this bag, You’ll Need:

  • The Pattern, available at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/garner-market-bag
  • 2, 150 yard spools of 18 Gauge 100% Nylon Crochet thread or Mason Twine in Black (color A) and Pink (color b)
  • 2 different stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle to weave in the ends.
  • US size 13, 32” or longer circular needles for the body and between US size 5 and 8, 24” circular needles or longer for the band and strap.
  • 1 double pointed needle in the same size as your smaller circular needles
  • Optional:Stitch holder

Garner Market BagThe bag has a bottom-up, seamless construction and I used size 5 needles to knit the top band and handle of the prototype, but only because I’m the family Sherpa and wanted a smaller opening so that I could smush jackets, mittens, scarves and other items of shucked clothing in without them popping out of the top.

To loosen the top band and opening of the bag, without adjusting stitch count, choose a larger needle.

Handle length can also be adjusted, just keep in mind that knit will grow some so er on the short side.

If you’re not ready to create the ultimate in seamless bags, you don’t have to use Judy’s Magic Cast-on.  It’s just soooo cool to use when you get the hang of it.

Another consideration is that I had no idea there were other colors. Red Heart offers, Black, White and Natural, and there’s all sorts of neon at the hardware store but until I searched Amazon for a link to share, I had no idea how many color combinations would be available in Nylon for this bag.  I had considered other yarns and textures – like a smooth yarn and a fuzzy one as a stash-buster project, so please, knock my socks off and post your pictures at Ravelry for me to see.

And, don’t forget, You can sell this bag as a finished object. See Begone, Personal-Use only patterns for details.

Written by Karlie

June 11th, 2012 at 4:25 pm

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  1. Am not planning on selling your Garner Market Bag – but depending on my successful production of the pattern, gifting the bag might become a possibility.

    How hard on the hands is the mason twine?
    Where is the pattern?



    28 Jun 12 at 11:12 PM

  2. As long as you get 100% nylon twine it will slip through your hands like butter.

    The pattern, is available as a Ravelry download. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/garner-market-bag


    29 Jun 12 at 6:03 AM

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