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Snuggle-Up Book Club

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Last week, I was in my kitchen listening to NPR, like always, when a segment came on about the Backseat Book Club and instantly thought “what fun,” but then I frowned, knowing every chapter book entering our house seems to have a boy barrier in it. Ya know that spot, somewhere in the first chapters, where the young, male, reader decides the book is a dud.

While listening to the discussion about the May 2012 selection, Heart of a Samurai, I was secretly begging the voices on the radio to give me a hint of how I could get books that are worth reading read in my house.   Instead, I was a little down trodden because I had just listened to a wonderful discussion about a seemingly wonderful book and I had no idea how to present it to the kids.

Then it hit me… I’ll read it to them!

Before I could get distracted and lose my fabulous idea, I went to my computer to find the book at Amazon.

There it was, just a click away from being in my possession. Then all of a sudden I was scared that the boy barrier was more than just a problem of text and eyes.  Would they give up part of their summer to listen to me read?  Could I compete with back yard adventures, video games and the swimming pool?

Yes, if I could present the idea in the right way.   In this case, my marketing skills were needed as I attempted to create the perfect summer reading package.

I can’t tell you what might float your kids’ boat, but at my house a cuddle in the bed is a coveted activity.  It’s equally enjoyable on lazy weekend mornings and for rewatching the Last Airbender on Netflix, so that was my hook.

With my idea in hand, I began my sales process… “Summer vacation is almost here,” I would say to one of my boys, “Don’t you think we should have some more cuddle time?”

Then, with one buy-in for cuddling I’d wait till I had boy #2 in a position to answer a casual question and then ask, “Your brother thinks we should have more cuddle time this summer, what do you think?”

Then a little later in the day I’d ask, “Do you remember when I use to read stories to you all the time? Wasn’t that fun?”

Of course they said yes, I wasn’t asking questions to get a no.  But with my pile of freshly minted “Yeses,” the Snuggle-up Book Club was born.

In the days we waited for our books to arrive from Amazon, I kept the hype going.  “Oooh, the books have shipped!” And , “they’ll be here tomorrow!” “When do you want to start the book club?” “Should we wait until the end of school, or start when they get here?”

Needless to say, we’re starting our book club tonight and the membership has agreed to some ground rules.

  1. We read at least one chapter a day.
  2. If we don’t read our chapter, we’ll make it up the next time we snuggle up to read.
  3. We can always read ahead, but not as an excuse to skip a day.

We also decided we can take our book club on the road.  One suggestion was to take a blanket when we walk the dogs out in the field and let the dogs run while we read.

Now all I have to do is make sure the club lives up to the hype, but I’ve got them this far, I think I can get them through the boy barrier this summer and a little more excited about books.



Written by Karlie

June 5th, 2012 at 7:12 pm

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