Rural Housewife or Tech Entrepreneur? You Decide

Meet Karlie

While still in college, she started her career with the American Red Cross.  In a short time she learned all major functions of chapter operations and was promoted to Assistant Executive director at 22 year of age.

A change of careers in 2000 led Karlie to technology sales and then the decision to focus solely on Webpath Technologies and On-Disk.com.  Although she began experimenting with websites and online businesses in 1998, in 2001 she opened her First eCommerce business.  She bootstrapped a second, On-Disk.com in 2003 and in it’s first full year, it grossed nearly $100k.

After years of working with developers of cutting-edge technologies and selling services world-wide she was able to gain a unique perspective on Internet Marketing and online presence management for highly technical products.

In October of 2007, She joined SCORE Chapter 23 in Rochester NY to help other small business owners live their dream.  Since then, She has counseled hundreds of businesses and individuals on topics ranging from business planning to effective use of technology in their businesses.  She was appointed to a term on Chapter’s executive committee and won the SCORE Association Gold Member Award in 2009 for Exceptional Contribution and Meritorious Service.

Karlie’s Portfolio

Selected Articles –

Marketing Software Skills – OpenSource.com
Fedora 10 Live SD Card for the XO Laptop – OLPC News
First StepsAvoid Winging it – CodeSnippers.com

Recorded Presentations and Interviews-

WAHS Podcast #138 Bootstrapping Your Business with Karlie Robinson – WorkAtHomeSuccess.com
Bridging the Digital Divide – TEDxRochester 2010

What others are saying –

Darin VanCoevering

Darin VanCoevering – Developer of the Super Gamer

“With the help of Karlie our project has become more than just a hobby. Karlie’s recommendations and actions have helped us reach our goal and words of encouragement have driven us to higher standards for our products”

Frontiers in Education 2010 Session F4D – Work in Progress – Rochester Institute of Technology, One Laptop Per Child and Open Source; a Unique Approach to Service Education

“At the regional and local level FOSS communities in Western New York in general, and Rochester in particular, are extremely active and well connected. Within a month of the start of the local OLPC group, FOSS community member Karlie Robinson had linked RIT to Fedora and Red Hat, resulting in a donation of 25 OLPC XO laptops for class use as development platforms. This, and the willingness of Robinson and community member Fred Grose to join the class sessions, helped create a solid base of supporters and mentors within the open source world.”

OpenSource.com The Course-to-Co-op Lifecycle: OpenInnovation@RIT

“This decision resulted in a wonderful confluence of circumstances that grew the course and its impact beyond anyone’s initial expectations. It began when Karlie Robinson (Arguably one of the most involved Hacktivists in the Upstate NY region) attended the User Group.”