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Tips for Enhancing TV News with Social Media

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Washington - Television News Studio (1984)In December, I had a chance to spend the afternoon talking about the news and social media with the staff at WEYI, NBC 25.   After I left the meeting I spent a lot of time thinking about the point where Social Media and Traditional Media intersect and how to integrate new techniques into a successful format.

My Top 6 Tips:

  1. Create a hierarchy/Flow Chart of news importance and Direction.
    TV news is one of the most limited formats since a broadcast may have as little as 20 minutes of air time per 30 minute show. Not every tip, press release or AP story can be covered in this amount of time.  However, news that doesn’t make a the broadcast should be directed elsewhere.  Creating a flow-cart or other formula for deciding, before hand, what information should be shared, and where, gives reporters an opportunity to engage the audience more often.

    • Twitter has the highest volume but the fewest characters allowed, and should be used for snips, teasers or as a directional service getting followers to visit videos, on-scene cell-phone pictures captured by reporters or other websites where they can interact with the news you’re reporting.
    • Facebook & Google Plus don’t have the tight character limits that Twitter does but since your fan’s home page feed doesn’t move as quickly, posting too often can be overwhelming.  Weather maps, Follow-ups and viewer-to-viewer based communities can boost station loyalty.
    • YouTube. Posting segments after they’ve aired is a great way to keep people talking and gives you a way to gauge response.  People also like seeing themselves in the news and Youtube offers a way for broadcasts to be shared or included in blogs.  Youtube can even generate revenue for the station.
  2. You have to give to get.
    Traditional media tends to push out information, but Social Media demands interaction.  The easiest way to interact is by Following-Back and replying… within reason.Take time to look at your followers and a few of their posts. There are a lot of useless and undesirable accounts that will only bog down your efforts.  A DNFTT (do not feed the trolls) policy wouldn’t hurt either.
  3. Cover more Local businesses and Not-for-Profits.
    Being neighborly and engaged locally is a great way to increase station loyalty across all media outlets.  This can be as simple as following and sharing or re-tweeting informational posts. Showing people who are working hard to better the community also counters negative news and illuminates bright spots.  Directing fluff pieces to social networks also saves air time for more serious news.
  4. Create custom Twitter and Google Plus Hash Tags.
    Information overload is the side effect of social media success.  At a certain point it’s just not possible for a human to consume every post your followers, prominent citizens and organizations create. Creating the Hash Tag is as simple as choosing a word or phrase (without spaces or other special charters) and adding the pound sign to the front.  For Example – #MINewsTip. Just be sure to search using your potential tag first to be sure it’s unique enough to lay claim to it.  Then search for the tag to gather your tips, comments and relevWashington - Television News Studio (1984)ant information.
  5. Create a Social Loop
    All of the social networks you’re using should feed into one another. Tweets that send people to YouTube, Facebook, your website and then back again are part of a  interaction loop you should strive to create. Creating content across the various formats also allows you to interact with people who use Facebook, but not Twitter, etc.
  6. Use Feedback on the air.
    Don’t forget to include air time in the social loop because it’s the one thing you have that Social Media doesn’t. Viewers who are empowered to comment and rewarded with air time are more likely to develop a deep loyalty to the station.


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February 18th, 2012 at 5:21 pm

The Business of Linux at the Ohio Linux Fest

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Thanks to those that came to my talk. Sorry it got off to a rough start, but we managed and I want to thank you for your patience.

The slides are available to download in .pdf format or you can view the presentation as slides with voice over at FOSSLC which was recorded at FSOSS 2010 at Seneca College, Toronto.

There are also 3 articles in this blog under the topic of OLF which cover the presentation in an easier to digest format and if read in order of date posted should closely match the slide deck.  They are:

There are lots of other articles here that can also help you as you start a new business, so feel free to look around while you’re here and leave comments or questions.


Written by Karlie

September 10th, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Flint’s Buckham Alley Fest

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On July 16 starting at 6pm in Flint, Michigan,the Buckham Alley Fest will be rocking downtown.  As part of the festivities, Flint Handmade is taking over the sidewalk next to the Rutherford Parking Structure for the First Annual Flint Handmade Craft City and we get to be part of the goodie bag! 

Since the products we make at On-Disk.com are handmade, we’re putting together 25 CDs loaded with Creative Commons licensed music so Flint Handmade can give them to it’s first 25 visitors to craft city.

I don’t expect that the 25 lucky recipients of our discs will turn right around and buy loads and loads of things from our little online shop.  Instead I’m using the discs as a gesture of goodwill  and the first step in gaining some brand recognition in the area as being a local company.  After all, word of mouth has to start someplace, and this is our little way of starting that process in Michigan.

What ways have you, or could your business get involved within the community? I’d love to hear about the things you’ve done to get your name out, so please leave a comment below.


P.S. In case you’re wondering, you will be able to get this disc from On-Disk.com, next week, after BAF.  Remember, it’s Creative Commons content from start to finish.  Click on either image or on the song titles below to learn more about the artists.

  1. Annexation By Love by Panda Nation
  2. Built To Last by Fall Walk Run
  3. Dance Wit Me by JackDazey
  4. Dropping Out of School by Brad Sucks
  5. Every small little thing I’m able to … by BlondBlood
  6. Fragile by Aloges
  7. Hasta Abajo – All The Way Down HQ by Kellee Maize
  8. I See by Tryad
  9. Just Imagine by Hungry Lucy
  10. Lorelei by On returning
  11. Secretions by Hello Citizen
  12. She by TenPenny Joke
  13. Six Twenty Nine by BOREA
  14. VOCE VAI by Vir Braun

Written by Karlie

July 11th, 2011 at 1:30 am